MoroccanOil Treatment

1. Packaging & size

MorrocanOil Treatment comes in a dark, flat bottle, looking a bit like a bottle of cough syrup. The nice, azure-colored label adds a little charm to it. The product has a capacity of 100 ml and is relatively efficient. The bottle is screwed with a cap, but the manufacturer has added a special, aesthetic pump that makes it easy to apply and protects MorrocanOil from spillage.

2. Purpose

The oil is designed to bring out the radiance of the hair and provide healthy looks. This is a treatment aimed for styling and ensuring nice appearance thus it can act as a conditioner, but above all, it is a delicate preparation for styling, giving shine and a nice finish to the hairstyle. MorrocaOil Treatment also facilitates combing and ensures the proper level of moisture.

3. Ingredients

The composition of MorrocanOil Hair Treatment is not as impressive as we expected. The composition includes many silicones, which facilitate the absorption of other active substances. In search of natural hair oils, we come across two: Argan oil and Linseed oil. Unfortunately, each of them is intended for hair with different types of porosity. This means that too much oil can overburden medium porosity hair that will lose volume. Linseed oil is primarily responsible for the proper level of hair moisture, while Argan protects it from high temperatures produced by blow-dryers or straighteners, and it also provides hair with radiance.

The vaguely described ingredient “parfum”, responsible for the scent of the product can also raise concern.

So we do not know whether MorrocanOil Treatment contains harmful alcohol, as it is not specified.

The product is also supplemented with benzyl benzoate – an ingredient listed as on of the potential allergens. Although MorrocanOil Treatment looks like a deeply regenerating hair product, it is not suitable for full scalp oiling. It should not be applied to the scalp, but only to the hair from its mid-length downwards. A few drops of the oil can be added to your lotion, mask or hair conditioner to enhance their effects.

4. Effects during the treatment

MorrocanOil Treatment works on the hair surface. It creates a protective coating that shields from harmful effects of external factors. It also clearly improves the appearance of hair – its brilliance and resilience are enhanced.

5. Effects after completing the treatment

Because of the content of natural oils, MorrocanOil Treatment works not only on ad hoc basis. Thanks to the treatment, you will be able to enjoy beautiful hair sometime after using up the entire product. Natural oils have the ability to penetrate hair as well as repair damage on its surface.

6. Summary, advantages, downsides


  • it is efficient
  • it has a pleasant scent
  • it perfectly condition hair
  • it enhances the effects of lotions and conditioners
  • it revitalises hair
  • it provides hair with shine
  • it nourishes hair
  • it takes care of the hair ends


  • contains a lot of silicones
  • not suitable for scalp oiling
  • contains artificial perfumes
  • contains benzyl benzoate
  • the glass bottle may break