Davines. OI OIL. Absolute Beautifying Potion With Roucou Oil

1. Packaging & size

Davines Oi Oil has a nice, minimalist packaging that does not associate with natural hair oils. It is more like a lotion or serum and this is the function to fulfill – condition and beautify the hair. The bottle of 50 ml capacity is small and bulky, decorated with black, ascetic accents (label and cork). The tiny pump is designed to facilitate dosing. Davines Oi Oil has an unusual, slightly sweet and pleasant scent, deviating from the aromatic scents of nuts or incense sticks.

2. Purpose

Davines Oi Oil is suitable for all types of hair. It is designed to immediately beautify the hair – even extremely dry and frizzy. Its purpose is to provide hair with radiance through Roucou oil and increase its thickness by laboratory-developed synthetic oils.

3. Ingredients

Davines Oi Oil contains many silicones, polymers, and synthetic substances. It is definitely not suitable for oiling the scalp, but it works great as a beauty treatment. Davines Oi Oil is a mixture of synthetic oils that form a coating on the surface of the hair, intensifying its thickness, and two natural oils responsible for the beautiful appearance and good condition of the hair.

Roucou oil effectively rebuilds the damaged hair structure, mainly due to the beta carotene content.

Among the indigenous habitants of America, it is referred to as the “elixir of youth”. The oil will protect the hair from harmful radiation, so it will not dehydrate. It provides strands with elasticity and brilliance and prevents loss of density in fibres. As a result, hair is full of vitality, and ages slowly.

Sunflower oil supports the action of Roucou oil, first of all, by ensuring a good level of moisture, provides hair with radiance, conditions the strands and protecting the ends from splitting.

Davines Oi Oil can be used onto dry as well as wet hair ends.

4. Effects during the treatment

Davines Oi Oil intensifies the glow of the hair, making it elastic and silky to the touch. It does not burden your hair, but it makes styling easier. Davines Oi Oil gives you the immediate effect of shiny, tamed strands that stopped frizz. Smooth wisps and noticeably increased hair thickness – this is the result of Davines Oi Oil.

5. Effects after completing the treatment

Davines Oi Oil is used to soothe and tame unruly strands. The effect of beautiful and shiny hair is thus preserved until you finish the oil. The product is not a repairing, but a beauty treatment.

6. Summary, advantages, downsides


  • two high-quality hair oils
  • easy application
  • nice scent
  • extraordinary packaging
  • increases the brilliance of the hair
  • takes care of the ends of the hair
  • perfectly conditions your hair
  • intensifies hair thickness


  • not efficient
  • not suitable for oiling the scalp
  • contains some volatile silicones
  • too much product can overburden hair
  • contains sensitizing substances