Khadi Vitalising Hair Oil

1. Packaging & size

Khadi Vitalising Hair Oil is sealed in a simple, glass bottle, with a beautiful oriental style label. We have no doubt that Khadi oil is based on Ayurveda – ancient philosophy and Oriental medicine, and that the natural composition and selection of natural oils is therefore not accidental and well thought out. The bottle is equipped with a glass pipette to facilitate the application of the product. Khadi Vitalising Hair Oil has a capacity of 100 ml and is very efficient. The drawback of the pipette attached is that it often bends, making the application difficult. Khadi Vitalising Hair Oil has (unfortunately) another drawback: it is the scent of the product. The oil smells very intensely and unpleasantly.

The smell remains on the hair for many hours after the application.

2. Purpose

Khadi Vitalising Hair Oil is suitable for all types of hair, especially weak and falling out due to inadequate care. Khadi Vitalising Hair Oil stimulates hair growth and strengthens the bulbs, making the hair filler-looking. Thanks to regular use, you can see new baby hair on your head.

3. Ingredients

The oil has a natural composition. The company takes pride in delivering a fully vegan oil that will not interfere with the processes occurring on the scalp. Natural and safe – is a priority when choosing hair oils. You can use it to make full oil hair treatment and apply Khadi Vitalising Hair Oil to the scalp.

This product contains Ayurvedic essential oils and herbal extracts, including: Bringraj, Amla and Brahmi – these are the three powerful herbs that boost hair growth and prevent falling out. They strengthen the hair follicles and are able to inhibit hair greyig. Sesame oil takes care of the proper level of moisture in both the hair and scalp. This prevents dandruff and other scalp diseases. Castor oil contained in Khadi Vitalising Hair Oil will is responsible for preserving the nice and intense colour of hair (unfortunately longer use may slightly change the shade of blond hair). It significantly boosts hair growth and prevents brittleness. Coconut oil effectively protects hair from damage, high temperature, and toxins from the environment. Rosemary oil is the means for a healthy scalp, devoid of toxins and increased seborrhea. Carrot Seed oil contained in Khadi Vitalising Hair Oil prevents hair from breaking and slows down the ageing process.

4. Effects during the treatment

Khadi Vitalising Hair Oil should be applied to the hair and scalp about 2 hours before shampooing. To intensify its effect (especially if you have thinning hair) it is advisable to leave the oil overnight and wash your head in the morning.

Khadi Vitalising Hair Oil strengthens the hair roots and prevents from falling out while improving its growth. It works not only on the scalp. Thanks to the high content of natural oils, it gives hair radiance and vitality, conditions, nourishes and improves shine of the strands. It is easier to blow-dry and style your hair as it leaves it moisturised and resilient.

5. Effects after completing the treatment

The effect of dense, nourishing hair persists long after finishing the treatment of Khadi Vitalising Hair Oil. As a result, hair gains vitality, becomes strong, grows faster and stops falling out.

6. Summary, advantages, downsides


  • strengthens the hair bulbs
  • has a natural composition, devoid of chemicals and comedogenic substances
  • a high content of various oils
  • efficient
  • effects are quickly visible
  • the effects persist long after the treatment is done
  • spectacular look of hair
  • easy application


  • unpleasant, intense scent
  • the glass bottle may break
  • defective pipette that often bends
  • the cap is a narrow and the glass pipette can jam in it (this prevents the application)
  • because of the scent, the oil is recommended to use only before shampooing, never to dry the strands after washing