Nanoil Hair Oil

Nanoil - versatile hair oil

1. Packaging & size

Nanoil Hair Oil comes in an elegant, well-thought-out, black glass bottle with a cylindrical shape and an impressive wooden cap. The beautiful packaging has not only an ornamental function: the pump applicator is solid and precisely doses the proper amount of oil. The dark glass of the bottle is also a protection for natural oils that tend to have bad reactions when in contact with sunlight.

Nanoil comes in a capacity of 100 ml; it has a delicate scent and a semi-liquid consistency. It is efficient and easy to apply.

2. Purpose

Nanoil Hair Oil is a multitasking and versatile product. It matches any type and structure of hair, therefore it is available in three versions, specially adapted for each of the three porosities of the hair.

Each porosity is different and therefore requires varied care ingredients (eg inappropriately selected substances can overburden thick and heavy, low porosity hair).

That is why it is extremely important that the hair care products are matched to fulfill its needs.

3. Ingredients

Nanoil Hair Oil is a wealth of natural substances. It does not contain parabens, silicones, or drying and sensitizing short-chain alcohols. It is suitable for hair and scalp oiling. Each version of Nanoil contains innovative hair growth boosting complexes that also inhibit hair loss, strengthen the bulbs and thicken the hair. Nanoil is rich in natural oils selected to fit the specific porosity of the hair. Choosing the right version of Nanoil is very easy: just specify how your hair looks and behaves (for example, whether it is heavily damaged, thick, thin, weakened, frizzy, falls out…, etc.) and then match it to one of the Nanoil products. The official website abounds in accurate descriptions of each hair type and all three versions of Nanoil (visit: Thus choosing the one that will suit your hair is not a problem.

Natural oils contained in each Nanoil version differ from each other just to match the structure of the hair as closely as possible. These oils are the source of valuable hair care and regenerating ingredients: they contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and squalane – a valuable substance for the scalp.

4. Effects during the treatment

Each of the three versions of Nanoil is responsible for improving the appearance and condition of the hair and scalp. Depending on the needs of the hair, Nanoil moisturises, deeply regenerates, rebuilds defects (both on the surface and inside of the hair), provides shine, as well as prevents hair loss and boosts its growth. Nanoil will regenerate hair in 30 days and will improve its looks from the first application. It stays in perfect harmony with the hair, its needs, and level of porosity.

5. Effects after completing the treatment

It is also significant that hair retains vitality and strength long after using up the entire product. Its inner structure is rebuilt and strengthened, hair becomes stronger, healthier and regenerated from bulbs to ends.

6. Summary, advantages & disadvantages


  • it is free from parabens and other harmful substances
  • it is suitable for application to the scalp
  • it strengthens and regenerates bulbs
  • it boosts hair growth
  • it inhibits hair loss
  • it has a beautiful, delicate scent; it is very effective
  • it quickly improves the appearance and condition of the hair
  • Tthe bottle is beautiful, elegant, and comfortable to use
  • strengthens the strands within them
  • replenishes defects on the surface of the hair
  • it can be used it in several different ways – you choose the most suitable method to apply it


  • the smooth surface of the bottle needs to be wiped frequently to get rid of the traces of oil